On 15 September 2020
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Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR)

VR- AR in the Classroom

Virtual Reality makes possible adventures that could be described as impossible. For example, with virtual reality, expensive trips become more cost-effective, dangerous trips instantly become safe experiences, and best of all, physical accessibility is never an obstacle to participating in an educational VR experience.

Virtual reality and augmented reality for education can be used at any age or academic level. While five or six year old students can interact with a Google Cardboard, excursions from an art gallery to the surface of Mars become our possibilities just a few clicks away.

We know that startups like Google Expeditions have been enriching the classroom since the fall of 2015. Expeditions currently offers more than 900 virtual reality field trips and over 100 augmented reality experiences. While Cardboard makes it possible to share hundreds of virtual trips with the whole class, the only problem is that every student needs a smartphone and the facility must be equipped with Wi-Fi.

Educational augmented reality is also on the rise, but it needs a little more catch-up. Among the creative uses of screen-student interaction, apps like Quiver are a great example of how AR can transform a simple coloring task into an entirely new activity. A child’s page can instantly show a concept like volume by transforming a flat circle into a sphere.

We hope that the number of schools that can offer educational XR content increases and the accessibility-to-learn ratio improves with technology. Extended Reality learning can be done anywhere, anytime. So those starting in the classroom or meeting room can continue at home or in the office. Distance education makes education easy and accessible. Virtual reality and augmented reality will increase the effectiveness of any distance education program by adding interactive and emotional elements.

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