VR Garage – Matching Game


VR Garage – Matching Game


Proje Açıklaması

In this virtual reality-based game, the player finds itself in a garage with products from various brands and a screen with different instructions. Players trying to find the brand's product according to the features on the screen and they try to get out of the garage by throwing the products they find to the right places.

Proje Detayları

  • ŞirketTOTAL
  • Tarih21 March 2018
  • KategoriEvents
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In this virtual reality based game, players try to find the product of the brand according to the features written on the screen and try to get out of the garage by throwing the products to the right places. Players who get points per correct placement compete to rank top on the scoreboard. At the same time, companies can distribute promotions to the players according to their ranking in the users’ score table.


In this virtual reality game we have made for TOTAL, the activities organized by TOTAL have been entertaining and the product recognition data has been collected and communicated to the company.